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Welcome to the Bushinkai Kendo and Iaido Club of Valencia's website. In this page you will find information about our Club, about the disciplines that there are given, about the used materials, about when and where are the trainings made and about any other thing that you can have any doubt.

You also have at your disposal a news section with all the special trainings, courses and anniversaries of events, as well as interesting links to other pages about Kendo and Iaido, online shops where one can obtain all the necessary material, recommended bibliography and filmography, and a multimedia zone where you can get some Kendo videos and other things related with that sport.

Finally, we invite you to contact us to set out any doubt or resolve any curiosity that you can still have. We will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Thanks for interesting in Kendo and for visiting our page.



Neither the Bushinkai Kendo and Iaido Club, nor its Administration Board are responsible for the actions of people, members or not of the Club, who by means of comments or opinions, either orally or in writing, could be disrespectful with persons or institutions. In case a fact of these characteristics in which the Club get involved happens, there will be taken measures against the responsible/s.

Inmaculada Pérez González. Presidenta.