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Ina Takii and Ada versus Juan Sensei and Carlos Ortiz.


The Bushinkai Club uses as practice place the installations of the Lluita Gym, situated in the Explorador Andrés Street, num.7, zip code 46022 of Valencia, phone number 96 355 70 00.

We train in a Karate Dojo which, for us, has a magnificent virtue: a wonderful parquet flooring, which Hirano Sensei, instructor in our Dojo during four years, loved.

The contact telephones you can talk to are:

·       Bushinkai Club: 96 326 16 55 (ask for Ada or Juan)

·       The Gym's.


The established class days and timetables are:


·       From 21:30h. to 23:00h. Iaido (schools: Z.N.K.R. Seitei Iai, Koryu: Musho Shinden Ryu, Omori Ryu)


·       From 20:00h. to 21:00h. Ken Jutsu (school: Nakanishi Ittou Ryu)

·       From 21:00h. to 22:00h. Basic Kendo (it will take turns with Kendo Kata)


·        From 20:00h. to 21:00h. Kihon and Kendo Kata (it will take turns with basic Kendo)

·        From 21:00h. to 22:00h. Technical Kendo and Geiko.

One Saturday a month it is carried out a training, organized by the Federation's Kendo department.

Besides, there is another centre, the Lluita Millennium Gym, situated in the Albalat dels Tarongers Street, num.34, zip code 46021 of Valencia (in front of the University) phone number 96 362 28 05, with free parking in front of the installations.






Apart of Kendo, there are also made the following activities:

·       Aerobic ·       Hapkido
·       Ballroom dancing ·       Jukaikido
·       Body building ·       Karate
·       Body tonic ·       Kick boxing
·       Maintenance gymnastics ·       Kung-fu
·       Massages ·       Nin Jutsu
·       Soft gymnastics ·       Tae Kwon Do
·       Step ·       Tai Chi
·       Yoga ·       Wing-tsun


We also have available the following activities for the younger:

·       Aerobic ·       Karate
·       Gymnastics ·       Tae Kwon Do



With the inscription to any activity, it is included the apparel room.

Thermal water and sauna included in the monthly payment.

Take advantage of our discounts to Carnet Jove owners or university students.

The gym timetables are:

·       Monday to Friday from 8:30h. to 23:00h. (we don’t close at midday)

·       Saturday from 10:30h. to 14:00h.



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