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·        Iaido and Kendo course in Gandia, April 19th, 2008

       Information and contact: 657 967 091 - 647 625 848


·        European Kendo Championship 2008

European kendo championship 2008 has been celebrated this year in Helsinki, from 21 to 23 of March.

These are the results from the categories where Spanish team has achieved triumphs:

Juniors' Individual:

1st classified: Markel Arregui, Spain, from Club de Kendo Euskadi.

2nd classified: Bartlomiej Gromul, Poland.

3rd classified: Simon Cohen, France. Milos Petrovic, Serbia.

Our contestant Carlos Rubio Galindo didn't classify, but from here we want to express him our support and greetings for his first European Competition, and encourage him for next competitions.

Senior Teams:

1st classified: France.

2nd classified: Germany.

3rd classified: Spain and Great Britain.

In the team figured our sportsman Manuel Fuster Diaz Panadero, who had a brilliant performance.

The rest of the results can be consulted on the official web of EKC.


·        APRIL 28th, 2007

Last day April 28th was carried out in the facilities of the Lluita Gym a Ken Jutsu and Iaido introduction and further studies course, schools Nakanishi Ha Itto Ryo and Z.N.K.R. Seitei Iai.

The course was leaded by the Club Bushinkai Sensei, Juan Manuel Tormo Martínez, national master 5th Dan.

The course schedule was:

        ·        from 10h. to 12h: Iaido. Basic techniques and katas study and improvement.

        ·        from 12h. to 13h: exams up to 1st kyu.

        ·        from 16h to 18h: Ken Jutsu. Basic techniques practice and study of five katas.

        ·        from 18h: Kendo exams up to 1st kyu.

The course price was:

        ·        12 euros with federative license (15 without license).

        ·        8 euros Bushinkai Club members.

        ·        3 euros exam rights.

Once more, thank everyone for their participation, and their help and effort to all the collaborators.


·        MARCH 31st AND APRIL 1st, 2007

The Kendo selection of the Valencian Community achieved to place between the best in the recent Spain Kendo Championship, since it placed in the 3rd place.

The selection was built up by the following members:

        ·        Santiago Peydró, 4th Dan

        ·        Manuel Fuster, 2nd Dan

        ·        Javier Zurriaga, 1st Dan

        ·        Alejandro Herrero, 1st Dan

        ·        Juan Vte. Sales, 1st kyu

To this excellent result has to be added the second place obtained by our team in January, in the Barcelona International Open (Kurasawa Sensei Cup), and Javier Zurriaga's designation as top-class sportsman by his 2nd and 3rd place in the 2005 and 2006 Spain Championships.

We want to point out that Santiago and Manuel were included in the national selection that represented Spain in the European Championship that was held last month in Portugal. Both competitors, accompanied by Javier Zurriaga, have stayed recently for two weeks in Japan, in Kobe's prefecture, where they have shown their skills in the city's police Dojo as guests of Abe Sensei (master that lead our Kendo Campus last year).


·        NOVEMBER 10th, 11th AND 12th, 2006

Last days November 10th, 11th and 12th, 2006 was carried out the Bilbao's International Kendo Open, with the participation of Clubs arrived from Spain and Europe. Likewise, to mark this event, there were carried out Kendo and Iaido Dan exams.

Concerning the championship, the Bushinkai Club distinguished again both in individual and in group categories: in the male individual category, Santiago Peydró and Manuel Fuster placed in the second and third step of the podium respectively. Besides, in the group category, the Bushinkai Club won the second place with its first team and the fourth place with the second one.

In the Dan exams, Salvador García Cuerda and Vicente Romero Tarín obtained the 1st and 2nd Kendo Dan respectively. Salvador García Cuerda and Alejandro Herrero Enguídanos obtained the 1st Iaido Dan.


·        SEPTEMBER 24th, 2006

Last day September 24th, our fellow Javier Zurriaga Carda placed 3rd in the individual category of Vitoria’s Open.

Since Javi also placed bronze in the XXVI Spain Kendo Championship carried out in Madrid the last May, the Judo and D.A.C.V. Federation, by this Club demand, has decided to request his inclusion in the top-class sportspeople list.

Congratulations Javi!


·        JULY 24th TO 30th, 2006

The week from 24th to 30th of July, Valencia held its first Kendo Campus, which counted with the invaluable presence of very important Senseis, and with many national and international kendoists.

The place where this event took place were the magnificent municipal facilities of the Sports Complex "La Petxina", placed in the Petxina Boulevard, num.42 of Valencia.

The technical direction was carried out by the Senseis:

        ·        Naoshi ABE Sensei, 8th Kyoshi Dan

        ·        Satoshi MARUYAMA Sensei, 8th Kyoshi Dan

        ·        Mutsuo KOMORI Sensei, 8th Kyoshi Dan

        ·        Tadao KURODA Sensei, 7th Kyoshi Dan


Besides the special trainings and the championship, on July 29th the Kendo Department of the Judo and D.A. Valencian Federation and the Club Bushinkai organized Kendo exams up to 3rd Dan and to 1st Kyu. Previously, the Federation carried out two technical preparation courses that took place on July 2nd and 8th.

Since the exams were held into the Kendo Campus, the tribunal was formed by the four Japanese masters that came to the event, and three Spanish instructors.



        ·        Naoshi Abe Sensei

        ·        Satoshi Maruyama Sensei

        ·        Mutsuo Komori Sensei

        ·        Tadao Kuroda Sensei

        ·        Alfonso Arregui

        ·        Olga Martín

        ·        Jesús González


        ·        Inmaculada Pérez

        ·        Juan Manuel Tormo

        ·        Santiago Peydró


Finally, we want to say that the event was an impressive success and the masters themselves wrote our Sensei Juan few days after congratulating him for the event, for the treatment they received and praising the Kendo level that people showed.

From the Bushinkai Club we want to thank the participation and commitment of the Japanese Senseis, of all the partners that attended the event and of all the kendoists we could met due to this, and we invite all of them to come to the next series of the Kendo Campus.


·        JULY 10th, 12th AND 17th, 2006

Last days July 10th, 12th and 17th, the Bushinkai Club carried out three Kendo introductory courses in the summer school of Sedaví. The purpose of these courses was to introduce children between 6 and 14 years to Kendo, Iaido and Ken Jutsu.

Apart from anything else, we want to appreciate the initiative of the school's organizers, for their idea of making children know minority sports and introducing them in these disciplines, although briefly.

Finally, the Bushinkai Club wants to thank everyone from Sedaví for how they treated us and remind them that our Club is at their disposal for forthcoming activities they want to carry out.


·        MAY 27th AND 28th, 2006

Last days May 27th and 28th, took place in the Sports Pavilion of the Sports Superior Council of Madrid, the 23rd edition of the Spain Kendo Championship, in the female and male modalities.

Andalusia, Aragon, Asturias, the Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Catalonia, Madrid, the Basque Country and the Valencian Community took part in the event.

In the individual female category, with 16 participants the results were:

1.        Olga Martin, BC

2.        Noemi Funakawa, Catalonia

3.        Mª Mar Maeso, BC and Ana Bermudo, Aragon


In the female group category the results were:

1.        Madrid

2.        Basque Country

3.        Aragon and Balearics

Individual female: Referee Juan M. Tormo, from the Valencian Community

Male category

In junior category, our competitor Javi wasn't very concentrated, and for that reason he was defeated by Marquel Arregui in the semifinal.

In groups, the Valencian Community had the usual luck of face in semifinal the Balearic team. There was no luck and they were defeated, and had to accept the 3rd place.

Our Sensei Juan gave a lesson of correct arbitration

The results were:

1.              Marquel Arregui, BC

2.              Miguel Martinez, Balearics

3.              Javier Zurriaga, VC


Group classification

1.              Balearics

2.              Basque Country

3.              Valencian Community and Aragon

Valencian Community Delegation present in the Championship

        ·        Mr. Valencian Community Judo and D.A. Federation’s President: Mr. EMILIO VALCANERAS JUAN

        ·        Mrs. Kendo and Iaido BUSHINKAI Club President: Mrs. INMACULADA PEREZ GONZALEZ

        ·        National Referee: JUAN MANUEL TORMO MARTINEZ

        ·        COMPETITORS



SANTIAGO PEYDRO TOMAS (Captain and federative delegate)






·        APRIL 7th, 8th AND 9th, 2006

On April 7th, 8th, and 9th took place in Valencia a Kendo and Iaido short course, leaded by the Sensei Emilio Gómez Acero, 6th Dan Renshi (Z.N.K.R.) from Belgium and with the Sempais Juan M. Tormo, 4th Dan Z.N.K.R. and Santiago Peydró, 4th Dan E.K.F.

Emilio Sensei is a great master who has worked very hard on behalf of Spanish Kendo and Iaido. For many years, he was a regular visitor of our city, carrying out countless courses of both disciplines, invited by our Club.

We trust that this new course will resume our good relationship with the master and that we could rely on his presence in many more occasions.



        ·        Friday 7th, from 20 to 21:30 hours in the Lluita Gym

        ·        Saturday 8th, from 16 to 18 hours in the Abastos Municipal Pavilion

        ·        Sunday 9th, from 9 to 11 hours in the Abastos Municipal Pavilion

On Saturday afternoon there were carried out Kendo and Iaido exams up to 1st Kyu.

The price of the course was 35€ and the places were limited.

For more information, call 96 326 16 55 (Ada or Juan).


·        MARCH 25th AND 26th, 2006

Organized by the Judo and Associated Disciplines Federation of the Comunidad Valenciana, the last days 25 and 26 it was carried out the I Kendo Monitors and Referees Course; the II Kendo Sports Organization Officials Course and the I Kendo Arbitrator Course. These activities were imparted by our instructor Juan Manuel Tormo.


·        FEBRUARY 25th, 2006

Kana Sensei and Alejandro practicing Keiko

Last Saturday 25th took place in the Abastos Municipal Sports Pavilion the Kendo monthly training that the Valencian Judo and D.A. Federation regularly organizes.

In this occasion it was a double training. With a total of 6 hours, in the morning there was practiced Kendo no Kata and Kendo Keiko. In the afternoon there was Iaido practice (Z.N.K.R. school) with a short introduction to the Musho Shinden Ryu (series Okuden) school. For the first time, there was a one hour introduction of Ken Jutsu, Nakanishi Ha Ittou Ryu school.


Some of the people who came to the training

The training was lead by the Sensei Juan M. Tormo (4th Dan) and by the Sempai Santiago Peydró Tomás (4th Dan), with the presence of Kana Sensei (3rd Dan), who regaled us with her estimable hints and her charm, and who also took the chance to go deep into the Iaido discipline.

Kana Sensei

Kana Sensei and Santiago practicing Kendo No Kata

It was multitudinous attended, being present almost all the members of the Club Bushinkai, including our second team from Elda. Unfortunately we couldn't count on our president Ada, for being cold. From here, we wish her to get well soon.

Finally, thank all those present for taking part, for their interest and their collaboration.


·        FEBRUARY 4th, 2006

Last Saturday Ferbruary 4th, at 9:39 hours, we received an e-mail from Japan that informed us about the fatal incident: Shigekazu Takii Sensei, 7th Kendo Kyoshi Dan had passed away as a result of a brain embolism.

Takii Sensei, who was considered tutelar master of the Club since 1992 and who I met during a training in the Shizuoka's province of Yaizu, was the father of my protegée Ina, that two years ago gave us the joy of making us (Ada and me) grandparents of a beautiful baby called Moa.

Takii Sensei


Shige san, as we called him familiarly, suffered a horrific traffic accident that broke him both legs. After several operations everybody thought that he should give up Kendo, but Kendo was his life. After a hard recuperation, he practiced Kendo again.

In 2001 he suffered a heart attack. After implanting him a bypass, all of us took for granted that it was his end as a kendoist, but it wasn't so. In Christmas 2002 we had him in Valencia and we could make good use of his wisdom. I remember his words when at home I asked him how it was possible that he could train despite the heart attack: "Juan, mi life is Kendo and I would like to die practicing it".

Unfortunately it hasn't been so, since a second heart attack in 2004 took him away from the practice, but not from Kendo, that was always in his heart. When in October of the same year my wife and me stood in his house in Shizuoka, he woke up everyday at 5 in the morning to take me to the Budokan in order to train.


Finally his heart failed him and Takii Sensei has gone to get together with the masters that form legion in the stars.

Rest in peace.

Juan Manuel Tormo.


·        JANUARY 20th, 21th AND 22th, 2006

The Saturday 21st and with the presence of the Catalan Judo Federation's President, took place in Barcelona a Kendo course, as well as the IV edition of the Kurasawa's Cup, in honor of the master Kurasawa Teruhiko, 9th Dan Hanshi.

This trophy reafirms each year as the most important of all the Kendo events that take place in Spain and begins to compete with Brussels' Nakakura Cup, actually Europe's most important event after the Official European Championship.

There took part 43 teams from Italy, France, Andorra and Spain with a total of 150 competitors, referees and auxiliary staff.

Bushinkai Kendo Club's Valencian delegation was made up of the president of the Club, Ada Pérez and 2 competition teams, with 3 members each one.


Kurasawa Sensei

Up: Javier, Manuel, Juan Vte. and Santiago

Down: Salvador and Alejandro


·       Santiago Peydró, 4th Dan

·       Manuel Fuster, 2nd Dan

·       Javier Zurriaga, 1st Dan


·       Alejandro Herrero, 1st Dan

·       Juan Vte. Sales, 1st Kyu

·       Salvador García, 1st Kyu


Substitute: Ángel Arroyo, 3rd Dan

Referee: Juan M. Tormo, 4th Dan

During the competition, the B team after defeating the Canarian team by three victories, was defeated by Catalonia's A team made up by the most expert kendoists of that place.

However, Bushinkai Club's A team keep undefeated and after defeating all its opponents, it reached the semifinals where it has to meet Spain's best team: Balearic A team, made up by the three multichampions the Castro brothers, being defeated by those despite the courage showed by our kendoists who, nevertheless, got to reach the podium and carry out the third place for second year in a row.

It is worth to stand out the combat between our kendoist Javier Zurriaga, 1st Dan and David Castro, 4th Dan, combat in which Javi took the initiative scoring an amazing Ippon to the Majorcan competitor.

Up: the masters Kaya, Takizawa and Juan Tormo

with Juan Vte., Manuel and Javier

Down: Alejandro, Santiago and Salvador


1.        Balearics' Ryoshinkai A

2.        Balearics' Ryoshinkai B

3.        Valencia's Bushinkai A and Catalonia's Ryoshinkai A

Last year 38 teams participated, and the Bushinkai Club placed 3rd place, so this year it participated as seed.


1.        Ryoshinkai Majorca

2.        Ryoshinkai Barcelona

3.        Bushinkai Valencia and Kajuki Saragossa

For more information, visit the Ryoshinkai Club's webpage or send an e-mail to the address:


·        DECEMBER 17th AND 18th, 2005

After the visit to Madrid the last 5th of November for the training with our master and friend Takizawa Kancho Sensei, the Club travelled to Amposta the 17th of December in order to train with Eduardo’s group, in correspondence to this group's visits to Valencia.


On the same date, but in this case in Brussels, there were Iaido exams, where our Sempai Santiago Peydró obtained the 3rd Dan in this discipline. Likewise, in the Kendo championship carried out the 18th in the aforementioned city (former Nakakura Sensei Cup) the Club Bushinkai's team placed 3rd place.


·        NOVEMBER 26th, 2005

The 26th of November, organized by the Valencian Federation’s Kendo department, there was a Kendo training, which took place in the Abastos Municipal Sports Pavilion. Then there were Kendo exams up to 1st Kyu.

The same day in the afternoon and organized by the Bushinkai Club there were, at the same place, three short courses of one hour and a half each one, of Iaido (Z.N.K.R. Seitei Iai and Musho Shiden Ryu – Omori Ryu schools) and Ken Jutsu (Nakanishi Itto Ryu school). The study of this last school, due to the lack of time, was reduced to the Kihon guards and techniques explanation and to the practice of the three first katas: Hitotsugachi, Mukaetsugi and Tsubawari.

Tormo Sensei and Alejandro Herrero performing Mukaetsugi.


The Itto Ryu school is practiced in our Club since 1992, when we were advised by Tetsuo Togashi Sensei, 7th Kyoshi Dan, Japan Shiseikan Takizawa Dojo’s Sensei.

Once finished the short course, there were Iaido exams up to 1st Kyu.

Tormo Sensei explaining how to maintain a shinai in Elda.

Finally in the evening, the Club celebrated its traditional New Year’s Eve supper. The reason for the date anticipation was to celebrate with the Sensei his 30 + 30 birthday. The obtaining of the black belt for those who took exam in Bilbao was also celebrated (those who failed the exam made the “sepukku” also known as “hara-kiri” during the party in order not to offend us). By the way! This year we also counted with the chocolate mousse, traditional gift of our Sempai Santi’s mother.

Thanks a lot and many happy returns!


·        NOVEMBER 19th, 2005

The day 19th of November, it was carried out a Kendo and Iaido short course in the city of Elda, where the practice of these two disciplines has begun.

Bearing in mind the interest shown by the members of this group, the Bushinkai Club has decided to master them.

Elda group of students.


·        OCTOBER 22nd AND 23rd, 2005

The 23rd of October in the Pechina Municipal Pavilion from 9:30 to 12:00 hours, was held a friendly Kyu championship, in which all the kendoists from the Comunidad Valenciana could participate. The only indispensable requirement to participate in the championship was to own a valid federative license.

Santiago Peydró guiving directives during the course.

Some of the assistants practicing.


Organized by the Kendo department of the Valencian Judo and D.A. Federation, the 22nd of October took place in Valencia, in the Abastos Municipal Sports Pavilion, from 9:30 to 12:00 and from 17:00 to 20:00 hours, a Kendo short course - training, while Kendo and Iaido exams up to 1st Kyu.

The course was free for all the kendoists with federative license. The price for those who didn't own it was 10€.

The course was directed by Juan Manuel Tormo, National Trainer and by Santiago Peydró, the Federation Kendo responsible.


·        OCTOBER 12th, 2005

Last 12th of October, the Bushinkai Club made its twentieth anniversary of existence as a sport club legally recognized and established by the corresponding federations and institutions.


·        OCTOBER 1st, 2005

On Saturday October 1st it was carried out, for the first time, a promotional Kendo, Iaido and Ken Jutsu course in the city of Elda, Alicante.

The course, organized by Mr. Ricardo Amorós took place in the FED-RAI Gym from Elda - Petrel, and was directed by Juan Manuel Tormo Sensei.

The length of the course were four continuous hours and multitudinous attended.


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