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   Autumn's Bridge    Takashi Matsuoka
   Black Lotus    Laura Joh Rowland
   Bushido: the Ethical Code of the Samurai and the Soul of Japan    Inazo Nitobe
   Hagakure: the Samurai's Path    Yamamoto Tsunetomo

   Hagakure: the Secret Book of the Samurai

   Yosho Yamamoto

   Secrets of the Samurai    Oscar Ratti

   The Art of War

   Sun Tzu

   The Book of the Five Rings

   Miyamoto Musahi

   The Code of the Samurai (Bushido Shoshinshu)    Taira Shigesuke
   The Honour of the Samurai    Takashi Matsuoka
   The Samurai    Shusaku Edo
   The Samurai's Garden    Gail Tsukiyama
   The Samurai's Religion    Kaiten Nukariya
   The Samurai's Wife    Laura Joh Rowland

   The Secret Code of the Samurai

   Inazo Nitobe



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